Best Hipster Hangout Spots In Las Vegas

May 24, 2012 6:00 AM

Las Vegas is usually viewed as a flashy, glamour-focused city–not exactly something that hipsters and indie music fans who avoid the typical club atmosphere would enjoy. In actuality, Vegas is home to a ton of independent venues offering specific niche spots for the distinguishing seeker of authentic entertainment in Sin City. Whether it is a true dive feel, cheap beer or admirable representation of the arts that gives a hipster hangout its authenticity, these local picks have what it takes to qualify as the best hipster hangout spots in Las Vegas.
nightlife music hipsters artifice Best Hipster Hangout Spots In Las Vegas

Photo Credit: Artifice via Facebook

1025 S. 1st St.
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 489-6339

For hipsters who appreciate an authentic venue atmosphere and have a distinguishing taste for music that does not typically frequent radio top 40 lists, Artifice is the spot to be. This is one of the most popular and fastest growing hangouts in Las Vegas. Of all of the independent clubs in Sin City, this the closest thing you’ll find to a small music club in more indie-friendly cities like Los Angeles and San Diego. This bar also offers specials on classic beer like PBR, and it is located in the historic Art District of Las Vegas, allowing hipsters to surround themselves with life’s simple pleasures. 

nightlife music hipsters ellis island casino Best Hipster Hangout Spots In Las Vegas

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Ellis Island Casino & Brewery
4178 Koval Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89169
(702) 733-8901 ‎

A small casino located a short distance from the Las Vegas Strip, Ellis Island might seem an unlikely hipster hangout, but its beer, karaoke lounge and classic dive atmosphere betray its otherwise classic Las Vegas appeal. Ellis Island has cheap prices on huge glasses of the house beer, which comes in light, dark, amber and hefe weiss varieties. Ellis Island houses one of the most famous nightly karaoke spots in the city, where tourists and locals alike can belt out tunes alongside compatriots ranging from local musicians and famous surprise performers to a slew of aspiring Elvis impersonators.

nightlife music hipsters insert coins Best Hipster Hangout Spots In Las Vegas

Photo Credit: Insert Coins via Facebook

Insert Coins
512 Fremont St
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 477-2525

It’s a nightclub; it’s an arcade. No, it’s Insert Coins! For the new-school hipster who is into dancing, club tunes and gaming, Insert Coins cannot be missed. This video game themed club has a large selection of games, a full bar and DJs spinning tunes late into the night. Find classic games in arcade boxes as well as comfortable seating areas featuring newer gaming consoles. In fact, the tables here are even specially designed to accomodate gaming, and if you opt for bottle service, you get your own server to boot, leaving more time for high scores and less time wasted at the bar waiting to order that drink.

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nightlife music hipsters artisan Best Hipster Hangout Spots In Las Vegas

Photo Credit: Artisan via Facebook

The Artisan Hotel
1501 W. Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 214-4000

For the hipster who likes a little retro class in his or her late night parties, The Bar & Lounge should be the venue of choice. Located in the off-strip Artisan Hotel, this bar is a booming hangout for those who like it dark and swanky. Despite an atmosphere reminiscent of a showy men’s club from the early 1950s, on most nights, the patrons at The Artisan can choose to play dress up or go casual-cool in jeans and Converse sneakers. Hipsters on a budget will like (or be indifferent to) the fact there’s usually no cover charge here.

123498815 Best Hipster Hangout Spots In Las Vegas

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Charlie’s Saloon/Carlos’ Kitchen
4420 S. Durango Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89147
(702) 207-6556

Quite possibly the most authentic off-strip hipster hangout, Charlie’s Saloon has a lot to offer visitors and locals seeking a uniquely cool atmosphere. Beside the classic dive atmosphere, cheap drink specials and laid-back feel that makes this location a hipster magnet, it is also an epic hangout for hipster foodies. Charlie’s Saloon has the unique distinction of offering food lovers an award-winning chef who serves inspiring culinary delights. The best part? The prices here are reasonable and accessible on a budget.

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