Ask A Las Vegas Expert: Shopping For Home Decor On A Budget

July 22, 2014 4:00 AM

Photo Credit: jillthomsondesign

Interior decorating can be expensive and difficult whether you’re decorating a new home or just jazzing up a bedroom. From paint to furniture, choosing items that fit into your budget can be a challenge. Before you waste a lot of time and money at the home store, take a look at these home decorating tips from design veteran Jill Thomson.
Photo Credit: jillthomsondesign

Photo Credit: jillthomsondesign

Jill Thomson
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Jill Thomson comes from an extensive design background. Her father, Milton Homer, was known for a design studio and a line of furnishings. Thomson got the design bug as a child and worked in the family business while attending the University Of Utah. Today Jill runs a successful design firm that includes residential and commercial design, landscape design, exterior space planning and holiday decorating. To view her gallery of work, visit

Photo Credit: jillthomsondesign

Photo Credit: jillthomsondesign

Put Together A Plan

Every well-designed space starts with a plan. Look online for inspiration and gather samples to establish your own personal style. Take photos with you when you go shopping to keep yourself on the right track. You also need to keep an open mind; you don’t have to get exact duplicates from your design scheme. Just try to develop a budget and keep a running tab so you don’t go over. Remember, this is your home and you should enjoy the process of spending money on it.

Start At The Bottom

Build your budget by starting with foundation items like flooring and paint. Always remember that baseboards should be installed on top of wood or stone flooring. Many times, homeowners loose money by buying and installing in the wrong order. Don’t buy any accessories until you pick out furniture. All of the little purchases can add up quickly and eat up your budget.

Paint, Paint, Paint

The most budget-friendly way to transform a room is to add a fresh coat of paint. Test paint colors on the wall with mini-samples before you invest in multiple gallons of paint. Paint the sample in a corner so you can see how the color shadows in all types of day and nighttime light. When it comes to colors, grey is the new beige and you can’t go wrong with a soft creamy white. Paint can also do wonders to an old piece of furniture or kitchen cabinets.

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Add Pillows

Designers are crazy about accent pillows for two reasons. One, pillows allow you to play with beautiful fabrics in affordable quantities, and two, fabrics add detail and life to a room. Shop for affordable pillows at discount stores or visit a fabric store for something extravagant. Making your own pillows is easy with fabric and a basic sewing machine. If you can’t sew, you can get away with using an iron and a fusible bonding tape.

Accessorize, Accessorize

Accessories are the key to adding a personal touch to your home. A creative collection of accessories compiled over time can turn your home into a gallery. The story of how you found an accessory can be just as intriguing as the object itself. Accessories don’t have to come from a store. Shells from a beach trip or a unique rock from a mountain hike are great additions that are virtually free. When it comes to accessories, don’t be in a hurry. Feel free to build them up over time and find a way to work something in that speaks to you.   

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