Tale of the Tape: Watch the World Cup at Home vs. Watch at a Sportsbook

  • TV
    Yeah, we know, you are jazzed up about your 60" LED, LCD, LSD television with all the bells and whistles.
    They have projectors and screens that are taller than your house.
  • Ambiance
    Nice couch, sweet surround sound, and your dog. Plus a side of selective hearing to turn off the Mrs.
    Thousands of fans waiting to jump up and celebrate like there's no tomorrow. You might even get hugged by some guy you've never met.
  • Food
    A fully stocked pantry, fridge full of beer, and an end table to put it all on. Oh, and... it's all FREE.
    Free drinks if you bet enough, but food, that'll cost ya.
  • Restrooms
    No lines!
    Nothing's better than discussing sports while urinating.
  • Postgame
    Alexi Lalas' knowledge awaits you.
    If your teams wins, the celebration is just starting. If they don't, at least you can go gamble your sorrows.
  • Memories
    Remember that time you watched that game with yourself?
    Remember that time you hugged that random guy after Landon Donovan scored against Algeria?
The World Cup only comes around once every four years, don't be a loner, enjoy it with others who love the beautiful game just as much as you do.

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