Tale of the Tape: Luis Suárez vs. Mike Tyson

  • History
    It's the third time Luis Suárez bit someone while on the field. In 2010 he bit Otman Bakkal while playing in Holland, and in 2013 he bit the arm of Branislov Ivanovic in an English Premier League match.
    This was the first time Mike Tyson ever bit someone, but it wasn't the first shocking incident involving the boxer.
  • Magnitude
    The Suárez bite occurred in the final game of the group stage at the World Cup. Uruguay went on to win the match after Suárez was not penalized on the field for the incident.
    Tyson's bite cost him his title as the undisputed heavyweight title.
  • Injury
    Giorgio Chiellini complained like a classic Italian, but in the end he wasn't really hurt.
    Evander Holyfield had to retrieve the piece of his ear Mike Tyson bit off and attempt to have it stitched back on.
  • Career Impact
    Yet to be seen, but he may never play in another World Cup game.
    Mike Tyson never won the heavyweight title again.
  • Impact On Sport
    The bite took away from what was an otherwise excellent match and a fantastic group stage of the World Cup.
    Tyson's bite may have actually gained his sport popularity and it is still an iconic moment in sports history.
Mike Tyson's wins by a nose, or really a piece of an ear.

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