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yucca mountain

A 'no trespassing' sign warns people to stay away from the proposed nuclear waste dump site of Yucca Mountain. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Sandoval Discusses Nevada’s Nuclear Future With Federal Official

Gov. Brian Sandoval says he had a “frank and blunt” discussion with U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz over proposed shipments of nuclear waste to Nevada.


(photo: MAXIM KNIAZKOV/AFP/Getty Images)

Senators Seek Nuclear Storage At Yucca Mountain

The door may not be shut on storing high-level nuclear waste in Nevada.


Rail tunnel descending into the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository located in Nye County, Nevada, about 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas. (photo: MAXIM KNIAZKOV/AFP/Getty Images)

GOP Renews Push For Yucca Mountain

House Republicans are hoping to revive the stalled nuclear repository at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain.


(photo: MAXIM KNIAZKOV/AFP/Getty Images)

Sandoval Urged To Block Shipments Of Uranium Waste

Environmental groups are pressing Gov. Brian Sandoval to block shipments of potent uranium waste planned for burial at a government-managed site in Nevada.


(photo: MAXIM KNIAZKOV/AFP/Getty Images)

Yucca Mountain Battle Could Flare Up

Officials in the Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects religiously check their computers every Tuesday and Friday as soon as they wake up because a pivotal ruling from federal courts on Nevada’s top nuclear interest is expected anytime now.


(Photo by Neil Jacobs/Getty Images)

Fed Sets Date For Nuclear Waste Storage

The Department of Energy hopes to identify a permanent location by the year 2026, and have the burial site open in 2048.


(Photo by Neil Jacobs/Getty Images)

Uranium Shipment Headed To Nevada

Shipments of radioactive uranium from Tennessee’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory are heading to Nevada.


(photo: MAXIM KNIAZKOV/AFP/Getty Images)

Ruling May Spark Renewed Yucca Debate

A federal appeals court ruling could renew debate on the Yucca Mountain nuclear repository.


(photo: MAXIM KNIAZKOV/AFP/Getty Images)

Yucca Mountain Won’t Go Away

(Las Vegas, NV) – A federal appeals court could decide if the federal government should restart the licensing process for Nevada’s Yucca Mountain nuclear repository. A three-judge panel heard arguments from South Carolina and Washington […]


Credit: MAXIM KNIAZKOV/AFP/Getty Images

Familiar Face To Return To Nevada Nuclear Agency

A familiar face may return to the Nevada Nuclear Projects Agency to help the state fight what one administrator called a “serious resumption” of efforts to open Yucca Mountain as the nation’s first high level nuclear waste dump.