Gov. Brian Sandoval warns that Nevadans could lose benefits if the federal government shutdown continues. (Getty Images)

Sandoval Warns Of Fallout From Federal Shutdown

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval is warning state residents they may lose some federally funded benefits if the government shutdown continues.


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Live And Local With Kevin Wall 08/21/13: Joseph Becker, Michael Tanner

Joseph Becker, chief legal officer and director of the Center for Justice and Constitutional Litigation at the Neveda Policy Research Institute talks about what he calls “a dangerous precedent for those seeking information under the Nevada Public Records Act.”


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Lawmakers Restrict Welfare Benefits

The Nevada Senate has unanimously approved a bill that restricts where welfare recipients can use their benefits.


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NV Lawmaker Proposes Drug Testing Welfare Applicants

State Senator James Settelmeyer’s bill would require people applying for public assistance to take a saliva test for controlled substances.


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Opinion: Romney’s 47% Don’t Pay Taxes Remark Is 100% Controversy

Romney thought he was talking amongst his teammates in the locker room last May 17 only to find out that there was somebody on the other team hiding behind the lockers. Had he known a member of the other team was lurking back there, he would have chosen his words more carefully and had presented more carefully-chosen data than the data of which he swiftly generalized.


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Welfare Waiver War Of Words

Nevada is denouncing White House statements that the Silver State wants a waiver from the federal government’s welfare law.


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Opinion: Romney’s Attacks On Obama’s Welfare ‘Reform’ Justified

According to Romney, Obama has taken away a number of work requirements from the federal welfare regulations. Republicans believe that Obama’s executive measure on welfare funding to states makes it easier for non-working people get a free government check.


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Opinion: It’s About Questionable Needs Of Those Who Get Government Assistance

Stricter governmental guidelines are needed for a person to receive a government paycheck. These guidelines need to involve stricter limits on what people can do with their free government paycheck. If something isn’t needed for survival, it should not be purchased with the American taxpayer’s dollars.


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Report Details Welfare Withdrawls

Most Nevada welfare recipients use their debit cards at banks, ATM’s and grocery stores.

CBS Las Vegas–03/08/2012


Welfare Division To Cut Childcare Money

Fewer low-income families will get subsidies for childcare under Gov. Brian Sandoval’s proposed budget. Cuts to the Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services include less state and federal money to a program that helps working […]

CBS Las Vegas–03/20/2011