Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless Explains The New 4G Coverage

Verizon Wireless released it’s new 4G coverage in Las Vegas. What exactly is the difference between 4G and 3G?


Google Computers Powered By Chrome System

Google has fired a new salvo as it seeks to grab a larger slice of the computer market that’s in the tight grip of Microsoft and Apple. 


Speedy Service May Result In Hefty Fines

Verizon Wireless is discussing a new fee structure for data services.


Verizon Wireless Paying Back Customers

Verizon Wireless has agreed to the largest settlement payout in the Federal Communications Commission’s history to clear up a controversy over so-called “mystery fees.”


Verizon To Begin Selling The Apple Ipad

Verizon Wireless is showing another sign that it’s muscling in on the tight relationship between Apple and AT&T. 


Verizon Is Adding New Broadband Network To Services

Verizon Wireless is getting ready to trot out its new wireless broadband network.


Verizon Wireless May Sell Iphones

Another indication that Verizon Wireless users might be able to get their hands on an iPhone someday.