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Accused of molesting teen at Strip hotel New Year's Eve

Saudi Military Officer Arrested In LV

A Saudi Air Force Sargeant is arrested in Las Vegas, accused of molesting a teen at a Strip hotel

NewsRadio 100.5 KXNT–01/06/2013

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Gaming Revenue Up In September

State officials say Nevada gambling revenues were up more than 3% in September compared with the same month a year ago.


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Top Piano Bars In Las Vegas

Whether with a group of friends or on a date, get set to have the perfect intimate evening out by hitting one of these top piano bars in Las Vegas for some stiff drinks and melodic tunes.


Each "hotel room" at The Mansion is really a series of interlinked brownstone townhouses. (Credit:

Best Hotels On The Las Vegas Strip

Narrowing down the best hotels in Las Vegas is no easy task, for many are spectacular and imprint lasting impressions of service and grandeur. The top hotels on our list have unsurpassed commonalities, numerous accolades and prestigious awards.