University of Utah

Members of the Utah Utes band perform. (credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

U Of Utah President Backs Review Of Fight Song

After more than a century of singing “I’m a Utah Man,” some say it’s time to update the University of Utah’s 1904 fight song.


File photo of an igloo. (credit: Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

Police: College Students Caught Smoking Pot In Igloo

Four University of Utah students who police say were caught smoking pot in an igloo are facing possible discipline from campus officials.


File photo of part of a state park. (Credit: Todd Warshaw/Getty Images)

Quake, Aftershocks Hit Nevada’s Most Remote Park

The University of Utah officials says magnitude-4.1 earthquake shook Nevada’s most remote state park.


Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

Utah University Investigates Sperm Bank Switch

The University of Utah has put together a panel of doctors and medical ethicists to find out how a convicted felon working at a fertility clinic two decades ago replaced a patient’s sperm with his own and fathered a woman who is now 21.


File photo of a scientist in a lab. (Photo by PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/GettyImages)

Hotline Fields 17 Calls On Utah Fertility Clinic

The suspect is dead, the fertility clinic where he reportedly replaced a customer’s sperm with his own no longer operates, and the clinic left behind no records behind that might show the extent of the scandal, the University of Utah said Tuesday.


A monitor lizard's lungs have special sacs that allow  them to absorb oxygen while inhaling and exhaling. (Getty Images)

Monitor Lizards Breathe More Efficiently Than Humans

Their lungs allow them to absorb oxygen while inhaling and exhaling.


Cliff Geyser along Iron Creek in the Black Sand Basin is seen Oct. 8, 2012 in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. (credit: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

Scientist: Eruption Of Yellowstone Super Volcano Would Be 2,000 Times The Size Of Mount St. Helens

A super volcano underneath Yellowstone National Park has the potential to cause worldwide climate damage if and when it erupts.


A doctor examines the results of a patient's MRI. (Photo by MAURICIO LIMA/AFP/Getty Images)

Study: Right-Brain, Left-Brain Personalities Do Not Exist

A recent study indicates that the concept of right-brain and left-brain thinking may be little more than a myth.


File photo of cans of soda.  (credit: JOEL SAGET/AFP/Getty Images)

Study: Three Cans Of Soda A Day Can Be Deadly

According to a new study out of the University of Utah, a sugar rush could be dangerous to more than just your weight.


File photo of an arrested person in handcuffs. (Photo by AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP/Getty Images)

Police: Father Stabbed University Of Utah Student

Police have arrested a 60-year-old father accused of stabbing his University of Utah son with a kitchen knife.