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Harley Davidson Introduces Electric Motorcycle

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Harley-Davidson will unveil its first electric motorcycle next week, and President Matt Levatich said he expects the company known for its big touring bikes and iconic brand to become a leader in […]


Woman Wears Google Glass

5 Things To Know About Getting Girls Into Coding

Here are five things to know about a new initiative Google is launching this week called “Made with Code.”


AP Photo/Smithsonian Institution

Smithsonian Creates First 3D Portrait Of Obama

WASHINGTON (AP) — A team at the Smithsonian Institution has scanned President Barack Obama to create the first 3D portrait of a sitting president. Digital imaging specialists recently created a 3D printed bust and life […]


Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Cheese! Small Businesses Get Sales Off Instagram

NEW YORK (AP) — A picture is worth thousands of dollars for Limelight Extensions. Phones start ringing at the Farmington Hills, Michigan, salon each time co-owner Miranda Jade Plater posts pictures on photo-sharing app Instagram. […]


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Porsche Is Top Brand In New Car Quality Survey

The race to fill vehicles with the latest technology is hurting quality.


store their inventory. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Review: Value in Amazon Prime goes beyond shipping

Spending $99 a year for an Amazon Prime membership to get free shipping.


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Target: Glitch Caused Delays At Checkout Registers

 Target Corp. said a glitch in its system caused delays at checkout registers at some of its U.S. stores but it wasn’t due to a data security issue or a hacker. Customers across the country took […]


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Review: Samsung Fitness Products Offer The Basics

(AP) — Samsung’s latest gadgets try to tap into people’s passions for tracking fitness activities. The Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo wristwatches, Gear Fit wristband and Galaxy S5 smartphone all come with heart rate […]


Photo credit  WANG ZHAO/AFP/Getty Images)

Hashtag Hounds Rack Up Followers With Wacky Antics

(AP) — Tuna, the hound so homely he’s irresistible, peeks out from beneath his blanket, baring his row of buck teeth in a slapstick smile for the camera. Courtney Dasher of Los Angeles rescued the […]


Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Tweet Self-Propagates Through TweetDeck

(AP) — A tweet containing computer code has propagated itself through Twitter by taking advantage of a security flaw in the company’s TweetDeck application. In response, Twitter shut down the application’s access to tweets for […]





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