Running back Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens addresses a news conference with his wife Janay (not pictured) at the Ravens training center on May 23, 2014 in Owings Mills, Maryland. Rice spoke publicly for the first time since facing felony assault charges stemming from a February incident involving Janay at an Atlantic City casino. (credit: Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Keidel: Rice Regrets, The World Forgets

No matter what Ray Rice said yesterday, it can’t change what he did or the near-universal perception that aristocrats get more chances than we do. But Rice made one refreshing statement: His wife could do no wrong.


Stock image of officer pulling over car. (Credit: RAMZI HAIDAR/AFP/Getty Images)

Vegas Officer Suspended For Groping Women During Traffic Stops

Vegas Officer Suspended For Groping Women During Traffic Stops


Student Takes On Principal And Wins

It’s not often that a student wins out in a battle against a school principal.



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