NV Energy Files For Analog Meter RatesNV Energy customers who don't want a "smart meter" will pay extra.
Electric Customers To Pay Less For Smart Meter Opt-OutThe Public Utilities Commission has approved lower fees for NV Energy customers opposed to new smart meters.
Smart Meter 'Opt-Out' Plan DelayedNV Energy customers who don't want a smart meter will have to wait a little longer.
State Approves Smart Meter Opt-Out Charge The state Public Utilities Commission has approved a plan for NV Energy customers who don't want a "smart meter" in their home.
PUC To Vote On 'Smart Meter' Opt-Out FeeThousands of customers who don't want one of NV Energy's "smart meters" will pay for their decision.
PUC Allows Smart Meter Opt-OutNV Energy customers will be allowed to reject so-called smart meters-for a price.
Smart Meter Debate ContinuesScores of Nevadans say they should be allowed to "opt out" of smart meters being installed by NV Energy, without having to pay for the option.
Utility To Defend Smart MetersNV Energy officials are defending their use of smart meters before the state Public Utilities Commission today.
New Rules For Deliquent Power CustomersNew rules have been adopted for homeowners who have their power cut off by remote control.
State To Investigate "Smart Meter" SafetyThe state Public Utilities Commission is launching an investigation into the "smart meters" now being installed in thousands of Las Vegas homes.

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