Shelley Berkley

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Berkley Defends Judge On Anti-Semitism Charge

A former Las Vegas Congresswoman has come to the defense of a local judge who was accused of being anti-Semitic for failing to halt a trial for the Shavuot holiday observance.


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Shelley Berkley Accepts New Job

Former Nevada Congresswoman Shelley Berkley has been named chief of the Nevada and California campuses of Touro University.


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NV Representatives Split On Fiscal Cliff Bill

Two of Nevada’s three House members voted to approve the bill that keeps the nation from going over the “fiscal cliff.”


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House Panel Issues Berkley Report

Outgoing Congresswoman Shelley Berkley violated conflict-of-interest rules by using her office to help her husband’s medical practice.


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Money Matters For NV’s Winning Candidates

Most of the candidates who won last Tuesday’s election spent more money than their rivals.


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Heller Makes Economy His Top Priority For Second Term

Nevada Republican Dean Heller holds on to his U.S. Senate seat after narrowly defeating Democrat Shelley Berkley.


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Nevada Key In US Senate Battle

Republicans and Democrats are making a furious push to turn out voters in Nevada, home to a stalemated Senate race and a furious contest between President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney.


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PACs Outspending Senate Candidates In Nevada

The two major candidates for Nevada’s U.S. Senate seat are spending big money this year, but not as much as political action committees from outside the state.


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Poll: Heller/Berkley Senate Race Tightens

A new poll shows a tighter race for Nevada’s U.S. Senate seat.


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Sparks Fly In Third Senate Debate

Dean Heller and Shelly Berkley sparred in thier third and final debate for U.S. Senate.