Trick or treaters

Dr. Rebecca Bailey’s Tips For A Safe Halloween

Going trick-or-treating with the kids this Halloween? Elizabeth Bailey RN and Dr. Rebecca Bailey’s have some helpful tips for ensuring a safe and fun night out in the neighborhood.


(credit: LVMPD)

Las Vegas Strip Summer Homicide Count Rises To 4

Police acknowledge they should have reported a Las Vegas Strip fight that led to a man’s death shortly after a July 6 press conference declaring the tourist district safe.


Nintendo: No 3D Games For Kids Under Six

Gamemaker Nintendo is warning kids under six years old to stay away from its 3D games. 


How To Stay Safe This Halloween

Metro Police want young children to have a safe and fun Halloween.


KXNT Morning News: Is Las Vegas Safer After 9-11?

Nine years after 9-11 Las Vegas continues to be a target for terrorist attacks, but are we safe?