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GOP Presidential Hopefuls Talk Yucca Mountain

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Republican presidential hopefuls say they oppose the controversial Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump in Nevada. During a Republican presidential debate Tuesday in Las Vegas, Texas Congressman Ron Paul says the other 49 states […]

CBS Las Vegas–10/18/2011

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Bachmann: Cuts To Pentagon Budget Are Possible

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann says cuts to defense spending have to be considered as Washington weighs massive budget cuts, and Rep. Ron Paul of Texas says slashing the Pentagon budget needs to start with bringing home U.S. forces from South Korea and Japan.

CBS Las Vegas–10/18/2011

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Perry Attacks Romney’s Health Care Plan

Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Sen. Pennsylvania Rick Santorum have been tag-teaming presidential rival Mitt Romney over Massachusetts’ health care law.

CBS Las Vegas–10/18/2011

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Cain Faces The Hot Seat At GOP Debate

Republican presidential candidates begin the debate in Las Vegas, where pizza magnate Herman Cain has a chance to convince voters he’s not just the latest fad as he enjoys his new standing atop the polls.

NewsRadio 100.5 KXNT–10/18/2011

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Crews Prepare For GOP Debate

Crews are setting up for tomorrow night’s Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas.

CBS Las Vegas–10/17/2011


Sandoval Won’t Accept VP Nomination

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval says he won’t run for vice president on a GOP 2012 ticket.

CBS Las Vegas–09/16/2011

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Poll: Perry Leads Romney in Nevada

The man who won Nevada’s Republican presidential caucus in 2008 may have a rougher time in 2012.

CBS Las Vegas–09/05/2011


Poll: Obama Vulnerable in Nevada

President Obama’s political woes are spreading to the state he carried in 2008.

CBS Las Vegas–08/08/2011