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Training In Psychology Helped A Las Vegas Attorney’s Clients

Patti Wise, managing attorney for Edward M. Bernstein and Associates, relies on her degree in psychology to work with her clients and legal issues.


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Entrepreneur Credits Psychology Degree For Helping Transition Her Career

While business owner Brandi Doss has transitioned into several careers, her degree in psychology has assisted her in her success in Las Vegas.


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Las Vegas Nonprofit Director Works With Clients, Families, Community

Antioco Carrillo, Executive Director of Aid For AIDS of Nevada, navigates a very difficult job of working with clients, families, medical professionals and the community.


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Education Director Finds Psychology Degree Valuable In Las Vegas

Marcus Lam, director of admissions and recruitment for The International School of Hospitality, uses his degree in psychology to help clients and students navigate school and the growing industry.


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Las Vegas Psychologist Joins Foundation To Help Children

Danielle T. Bello, Ph.D., recently joined Cure 4 The Kids Foundation providing clinical psychology/neuropsychology services to patients of The Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada and The Hemophilia Treatment Center of Nevada.


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Study: Stress Causes Aging — Even In Teens And Pre-teens

Researchers say they looked at 97 healthy 10- to 14-year-old girls with either a maternal history of depression or no history of the disorder.


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Study: Suicides More Likely To Occur After Midnight

According to a new study, suicides are more likely to happen after midnight.


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Las Vegas Resident Uses Her Psychology Degree To Help Families In Need

With a varied career including radio announcer and singer, Layne Russie switched fields and for the past five-years has worked as a family services specialist.


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Las Vegas Entrepreneur Combines Business And Psychology To Create Success

One entrepreneur in Las Vegas has combined his two fields of expertise, business and psychology, to develop a business model that many are following to create financial success and personal satisfaction.


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Las Vegas Woman Helps Children Of Divorce After Switching Career Paths

One woman thought business was her goal, only to discover that she really wanted to help people, so she returned to school to get training.