The Rookie Pirates - (left to right) Troy, Ryan, Cole, Cruz, Jonathan, Varun, Jasiel, Hunter, Isaac, Patrick

KXNT’S Carlos Diaz Experiences the Ultimate Rush: Becoming a Little League Coach

(Las Vegas, NV) –  I became what I loathe.   I was an overbearing Little League baseball coach… for one inning.  For 5 innings of the game, I was fine…  but I was sucked into […]


An enthusiast dressed up as a Zombie (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Pirates Vs. Zombies: Comic-Con’s Latest Showdown

Avast! While the international pop-culture celebration known as Comic-Con has long been the domain of superheros, the biggest showdown at this year’s convention might not even involve spandex.


Photo Credit: CBS Sports Network

Q&A With Jim Rome On The Dream Team, Dwight Howard, And More

Jim Rome, host of Rome on CBS Sports Network and The Jim Rome Show on the radio joined CBS Local Sports to give his take on the biggest topics in the major sports.