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T1red Of P@sswords? Y0u @re N*t @lone!

Are you like many American’s that have a password for your social media, your emails, those special log in sites?  I know a few people that say passwords should be easy as password123.  I’ve mentioned […]


New Year's Buzzer™: The App That Will Make You Keep Your Resolutions

It’s that time of year where everyone strives to be better, to get in shape, to finish school, to stop beating your children or to quit smoking. Well now there’s an app for that!


Net Neutrality Close To Becoming A Reality

“Network Neutrality.” You’ve been hearing a lot about it. Now it’s looking like it may be closer than ever to becoming a reality.


Verizon Iphone? It's Almost Here!

  Love the iPhone but hate AT&T? There may be hope for you — if you go by a report in The New York Times.


"Logging On With Kristen Flowers"

Would you buy a facebook phone? The social-network site is banking on it.