Peter Morici

Chinese Stocks Rebound

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 07/29/14: Debt Collection Problems

University of Maryland Professor and Macroeconomist Peter Morici talks about the current unemployment numbers. Peter also settles a score between Kevin and a caller from last week. Also Laura Martin, Director with Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada talks about the latest in fast food strikes.


Hiring In Private Sector Slows In Pace

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 06/06/14: New Job Report

Economist Peter Morici joins the show to talk about the job numbers and whether or not the country really has fully recovered from the recession. State Senator Mark Hutchison is in studio to talk about his race with Sue Lowden. Finally, Cresent Hardy candidate for Congress in District 4.


Minnesota Timberwolves v Los Angeles Clippers

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 04/29/14: NBA Bans Sterling For Life

Kevin interviews Bob Massi, partner with Massi and Assosciates about the legalities of forcing Donald Sterling to sell his NBA franchise. Professor of economics Peter Morici joins the show to talk about some stunning statistics. And, callers to discuss if the penalty for Sterling was too harsh, too lenient, or just right.


Wyoming v UNLV

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 02/19/14: Peter Morici, Zack Peters

Peter Morici, American Macroeconomist and Professor of International Business at the University of Maryland, College Park talks about the effects of a possible minimum wage increase.


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Live And Local With Kevin Wall 11/19/12: Mitt Romney, The GOP, And The Fiscal Cliff

Last week Mitt Romney stated that he lost the Presidential Election because the Obama Administration was giving “gifts” to minorities and women.



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