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LV Psych Hospital Regains Accreditation

Rawson-Neal dropped two years ago after scandal over giving discharged patients one-way out-of-state bus tickets with little or no help


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Judge Rejects ‘Patient Dumping” Lawsuit

A federal judge has rejected a lawsuit alleging that a Nevada psychiatric hospital violated a patient’s civil rights by giving him a bus ticket to California.


Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital

Rawson-Neal Funding Threatened–Again

The psychiatric hospital has been under federal scrutiny amid patient dumping allegations



Mental Health System Under Review

The review comes amid new allegations of patient dumping



State Mental Health Facilities Look To Save Millions Of Dollars

There’s a new report out about Nevada’s mental healthcare system that has nothing to do with patient dumping.


Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital

S.F. Files Patient Dumping Suit

The class action suit alleges Nevada has dumped psychiatric patients in California


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San Francisco Could Sue Nevada For Patient Dumping

San Francisco is threatening to sue Nevada for allegedly dumping some 500 psychiatric patients in California.


Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital

Accreditation Denied For Rawson-Neal

Nevada health officials say Gov. Brian Sandoval is calling for special legislative action to speed up mental health funding


Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital

Patient Dumping Report Finished

The State of Nevada has completed its investigation into allegations that mental patients were given one-way bus tickets out of state


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“Greyhound Therapy” for Nevada Mental Patients?

The Sacramento Bee documented the release 1,500 patients from Nevada’s Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital, about a third of whom were sent by bus to Los Angeles and San Diego Counties, or to Sacramento.