Oil Spill

Storm Threatens BP Clean Up Efforts

A tropical storm system is headed for the Gulf Coast, so BP has stopped drilling the relief well. What does this mean in terms of clean up efforts?


BP Might Drill in Spill Reservoir

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — BP PLC said Friday it might someday drill again in the same undersea pocket of oil that gushed millions of gallons of its crude into the sea, crushing livelihoods and fouling […]


Man In Charge Of BP Claims Fund Visits Louisiana

(Elmwood, LA)  —  Ken Feinberg, who was tapped to disburse money from the 20-billion-dollar BP oil spill fund visited southeast Louisiana Thursday to outline plans and the process for beginning disbursements early next month. 


Official: Gulf Spill Could Be Contained By Monday

  NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The BP oil leak could be completely contained as early as Monday if a new, tighter cap can be fitted over the blown-out well, the government official in charge of […]