The President's Immigration Actions are MainstreamThe President's actions are easy to defend.
Twas the Night Before Inauguration!Enjoy and share! One regime out - a new administration in! It's the American way.
What Difference Does It Make?Hillary Clinton's character does matter
Commentary: Donald Trump for PresidentThoughts to consider when considering whether Trump should be the next President
Fox News Strategic Analyst on SyriaOn Monday Obama declared that the U.S. would be sending troops to Syria in order to sustain the advancements that have already been made.
Insurers Say Obamacare Is Not Working. Duh?
Delay Scalia's Replacement on the Supreme CourtSenate Republicans cannot surrender the Supreme Court to the far left - Opinion by Alan Stock
Let's Call It What It Is: There Is No War On Terror
5 Things That Make Left-Handed People Strange
Emission Cuts Ordered By Obama May Not Survive Beyond End Of His PresidencyThe United States put forth its contribution Tuesday to a global climate treaty, relying entirely on a set of emission cuts ordered by President Barack Obama that may not survive beyond the end of his presidency.
Obama Launches Sales Mission On ImmigrationMounting an offensive behind his immigration directives, President Barack Obama on Friday insisted House Republicans must take up a comprehensive immigration overhaul but said the system is so unfair that it needs the type of fixes that he initiated on his own.
STEM Education & Why President Obama Has Made It An Educational PriorityInnovation drives the U.S. economy, and employees with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills have become a hot commodity in post-recession America.

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