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NV Energy

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Live And Local With Kevin Wall 08/08/12: Wayne Allen Root, Political Ads, And NV Energy

Wayne Allen Root is a Businessman, Author, And Former Libertarian Vice President Nominee.



NV Energy Swaps Efficiency For Ratepayer Savings

Nevada regulators have decided to halt some energy efficiency programs because they are not cost effective.

CBS Las Vegas–03/16/2012

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PUC Allows Smart Meter Opt-Out

NV Energy customers will be allowed to reject so-called smart meters-for a price.

CBS Las Vegas–03/01/2012

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Smart Meter Debate Continues

Scores of Nevadans say they should be allowed to “opt out” of smart meters being installed by NV Energy, without having to pay for the option.

CBS Las Vegas–01/19/2012

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Electricity Rates To Go Up 3.5 Percent In Vegas

NV Energy’s southern Nevada customers will see an increase in their electricity bills beginning in January.

FM News 100.5 KXNT–12/31/2011

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Utility To Defend Smart Meters

NV Energy officials are defending their use of smart meters before the state Public Utilities Commission today.

CBS Las Vegas–12/06/2011

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New Rules For Deliquent Power Customers

New rules have been adopted for homeowners who have their power cut off by remote control.

CBS Las Vegas–10/27/2011

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State To Investigate “Smart Meter” Safety

The state Public Utilities Commission is launching an investigation into the “smart meters” now being installed in thousands of Las Vegas homes.

CBS Las Vegas–10/26/2011

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Customers Angry Over Proposed Energy Rate Hike

NV Energy customers are angry over a proposed rate hike. More than two dozen spoke their minds yesterday before the state Public Utilities Commission.

CBS Las Vegas–10/12/2011

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NV Energy Laying Off Meter Readers

Nearly one hundred NV Energy workers are being laid off.

CBS Las Vegas–10/10/2011