Nevada Officials In DC Restate Opposition To Nuclear DumpGov. Brian Sandoval says he told Energy Secretary Rick Perry on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., that he remains absolutely opposed to the Yucca Mountain project.
Critic Denounces Efforts To Revive RepositoryIllinois Congressman John Shimkus is denouncing efforts to revive the nuclear repository at Yucca Mountain.
Feds Deny Performance Pay To Nuke Dump OperatorThe contractor that runs the federal government's underground nuclear waste repository is being denied millions of dollars in performance pay as part of the financial fallout from a radiation leak that forced the closure of the facility.
DOE: Crews Monitors Nuclear Site For Radiation The U.S. Department of Energy stressed Sunday that no surface contamination has been found after airborne radiation was detected underground at a southeastern New Mexico site where the government stores low-grade nuclear waste.
Battle Continues Over Nuclear WasteThe fight over bringing radioactive uranium waste to Nevada has moved to Capitol Hill.
Sandoval Discusses Nevada's Nuclear Future With Federal OfficialGov. Brian Sandoval says he had a "frank and blunt" discussion with U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz over proposed shipments of nuclear waste to Nevada.
Senators Seek Nuclear Storage At Yucca MountainThe door may not be shut on storing high-level nuclear waste in Nevada.
GOP Renews Push For Yucca Mountain House Republicans are hoping to revive the stalled nuclear repository at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain.
Is Nuclear Material Headed For Nevada?A plan to ship bomb-usable nuclear material to Nevada is raising questions.
Yucca Mountain Battle Could Flare UpOfficials in the Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects religiously check their computers every Tuesday and Friday as soon as they wake up because a pivotal ruling from federal courts on Nevada's top nuclear interest is expected anytime now.
Fed Sets Date For Nuclear Waste StorageThe Department of Energy hopes to identify a permanent location by the year 2026, and have the burial site open in 2048.
Uranium Shipment Headed To NevadaShipments of radioactive uranium from Tennessee's Oak Ridge National Laboratory are heading to Nevada.

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