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(photo: Nevada News Bureau)

Denis Cautions Congress On Reform

State legislators are encouraging officials to consider the fiscal impact on states during a meeting on federal immigration reform at the White House.


(photo courtesy: State of Nevada)

Dems Pull Tax Plan After Heated Debate

A debate over education funding turned bitter on the Nevada Senate floor when Democrats accused Republicans of not wanting to compromise on taxes and the GOP minority leader chastised the majority for failed leadership.


(photo: Nevada News Bureau)

Senate Gives Green Light To Driver Card Bill

The Nevada Senate has overwhelming approved a bill authorizing driving privilege cards for non-U.S. residents.


(photo: Nevada News Bureau)

Senate Dems Seek Paroll Tax Increase

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval says he’s opposed to a plan announced by Senate Democrats to raise the state’s payroll tax


(photo courtesy: State of Nevada)

Nevada Dems To Unveil Tax Plan This Week

Senate Majority Leader Mo Denis says Democrats are putting the final touches on their plan to tweak Nevada’s tax structure to bring in more money for education and other services.


File photo of students in a classroom. (Photo by THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Nevada Democrats Push For Education Funding

Democrats in the Nevada Legislature are touting an ambitious package of K-12 education.


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Democratic Leaders Aim To Create Jobs

Before the 77th session of the Nevada Legislature began, members of the Democratic Party vowed to be transparent while relaying their legislation to the public.


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Sandoval Speech To Emphasize Education, No New Taxes

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval will reflect on his first two years in office and outline his priorities for the upcoming legislative session when he delivers his State of the State address in Carson City.


(photo courtesy: State of Nevada)

Women Accuse GOP Of Sidelining Lawmaker

A group of Republican women are blasting party leaders for sidelining the only female in the state Senate.


(photo courtesy: State of Nevada)

Lawmaker Wants Schools To Get Legislative Pay

One Nevada lawmaker wants his fellow members of the Legislature to give up their pay.