Medical Pot Patient Seeks NV Supreme Court RehearingA medical marijuana patient is asking the Nevada Supreme Court to reconsider its refusal to end mandatory state registration and fees for medical pot cards now that marijuana is legal statewide for recreational use.
State Takes Down Medical Marijuana Portal After Data BreachNevada officials say they've taken down the state's online medical marijuana portal after personal information about marijuana industry workers was exposed.
Nevada Offers Online Medical Marijuana Card ApplicationNevada officials say they will now offer the medical marijuana card application process online.
New Health Office to Cut Weeks-Long Medical Marijuana WaitsA new state health office will cut wait times for southern Nevada medical marijuana applicants.
First Medical Marijuana Dispensary On Strip Opens TodayIllegal to bring it back across state lines
Local Indian Tribe To Open Two Medical Marijuana DispensariesDispensaries to be built over next six to nine months
Is Marijuana Addictive?With many states now pushing for the legalization of marijuana, its potential as an addictive substance is hotly debated. Advocates claim that the drug is not addictive, while opponents commonly label it as a gateway drug.
Blame Obama for Marijuana Law Confusion
Nevada's First Medical Marijuana Business Set To Open In VegasNevada’s first medical marijuana dispensary is set to open up in Las Vegas.
Nevada Bill Would Allow Sick Pets To Use Medical MarijuanaPets might soon be able to use pot under a bill introduced Tuesday in the Nevada Legislature.
Utah Gives Initial Approval To Medical MarijuanaA panel of Utah lawmakers gave initial approval Thursday to a proposal that would allow residents of the conservative state who have chronic and debilitating diseases to consume edible medical marijuana products.
Med Marijuana Shops Can't Open Due To Pesticide IssueThe grand opening for Nevada's new legal marijuana dispensaries is on hold, thanks to a debate over pesticides.

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