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Same Sex Marriage Advocates Rally At San Francisco Court Hearing

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 09/16/14: Republicans for Gay Marriage?

Tyler Deeton from Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry joins Kevin in studio to talk about the push from some Republicans for the party to stop using anti-gay planks in the platform. Our legal expert, Attorney Marc Saggese takes a look at the Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice cases from a legal point of view.



Live And Local With Kevin Wall 08/15/14: Identity of St. Louis Police Officer Released

Attorney Marc Saggese gives us the legal background on the release of the policeman’s identity and the video of the “strong-arm” robbery. Mark Shunock stops by to tell us about the latest edition of Monday’s Dark.



Live And Local With Kevin Wall 06/05/14: San Diego Border Patrol To Release Illegal Aliens

Attorney Marc Saggese joins the show to give us the legal analysis on the man who shot another man through his front door because he was banging on it late at night. Sylvia Longmire, contributing editor with Breitbart talks about the recent story about San Diego Border Patrol releasing 500 illegal aliens per day. Niger Innis, Candidate for Congress in District 4 comes in studio to talk about the campaign.


Photo Credit: Jacob Langston/Orlando Sentinel

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 07/16/13: George Zimmerman, Rachel Jeantel, And Trayvon Martin

Rachel Jeantel, the young woman who was on the phone with Florida teen Trayvon Martin minutes before his shooting death, said in a Monday interview with CNN that she was “disappointed,” “sad” and “angry” that George Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder charges.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 12/20/12: Stanley Gibson, Steven Horsford, And The Gripe Line

Cal Potter is with Potter Law Offices and Attorney for Rhonda Gibson, talks about how a Grand Jury decided not to indict Jesus Arevalo in the fatal shooting of disabled veteran Stanley Gibson.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 11/16/12: Metro Police, Department Of Justice, And The Wall-To-Wall Free For All

Yesterday the Department of Justice released a report that gave Metro Police recommendations that says it will reduce officer-involved shootings.


Photo by: Franco Origlia/ Getty Images

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 05/31/12: Water Authority, John Edwards, And The Gripe Line

Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak talks about the recent surcharge form the Southern Nevada Water Authority and how this will affect small businesses in the valley.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 05/21/12: Public Sector Jobs, The Catholic Church, And Trayvon Martin

Thom Reilly is the Former CEO of Clark County and breaks down the difference in pay between public and private employees.


Photo Credit: Gary W. Green/Orlando Sentinel

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 04/20/12:George Zimmerman, And Gas Prices

Marc Saggese is the senior partner at Saggese And Associates and tells us if it was a good idea for george Zimmerman to apoligize today in court.


Photo Credit: AP Photo/Evan Vucci, Pool)

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 04/11/12: George Zimmerman Charged With 2nd Degree Murder

Attorney Marc Saggese from Saggese And Associates talks about the George Zimmerman charges.



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