Las Vegas housing

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Vegas Leads U.S. In Home Price Increases

Las Vegas homes prices increased at a rate more than double the national average.


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New Home Sales Nearly Double

The number of new homes sold last month in the Las Vegas area has almost doubled compared with a year earlier.


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Realtors Report Market Improvement

Home prices in the Las Vegas area are up 7.3 percent from a month ago and nearly 31 percent from last year as supply stays short.


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Las Vegas Home Prices Continue Rebound

After being one of the areas hardest hit by the housing bust, Las Vegas is now posting some of the nation’s largest increases in home prices.


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Nevada Still Tops For Underwater Mortgages

Analysts say Nevada still leads the nation in underwater mortgages, although rising home prices have improved the overall equity situation in the U.S.


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Fewer Las Vegas Homeowners Underwater

Las Vegas continues to lead the nation in underwater mortgages, but the situation is improving.


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Fewer Foreclosures…For Now

Las Vegas is no longer the top city when it comes to home foreclosures.


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Vegas Housing Market Making Comeback

Las Vegas – The Las Vegas housing market is making a positive comeback.  The National Associations of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals got together yesterday to hear a message from the Attorney General.  AG Catherine Cortez […]


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New Home Sales Up In Vegas

Home Builders Research says 401 new homes were sold in Vegas during May, up from 291 sales a year earlier.


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Short Sales Outnumber Foreclosures

For the first time in five years, banks have completed more short-sale transactions than foreclosures in the Las Vegas Valley.