File photo of parked school buses.  (credit: Louise Heusinkveld/Getty Images)

Mesa Kindergarten Teacher Accused of Child Abuse

A Mesa kindergarten teacher accused of pulling the shirt off a 6-year-old student in class has been released from jail on his own recognizance.


A kindergarten teacher and students (photo: ERIC CABANIS/AFP/Getty Images)

District Applies For Class Size Grant

The nation’s fifth-largest school district has applied for a state grant to reduce kindergarten class sizes.


Clark County School District Students--courtesy of CCSD

“Zoom Schools” Set To Increase Achievement At CCSD

The Clark County School District Board of Trustees approved 14 campuses as the inaugural Zoom Schools pilot program


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Fewer Nevada Kindergartners Are Overweight

A new report from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas shows that Nevada kindergartners are less likely to spend long hours in front of a TV, and fewer of them are overweight.


A kindergarten teacher and students (photo: ERIC CABANIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Extended Kindergarten Registration Underway

Over 50 Clark County elementary schools are accepting registrations now for extended kindergarten classes that will start this fall.


A kindergarten teacher and students (photo: ERIC CABANIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Dems Push For Full-Day Kindergarten

Implementing full-day kindergarten is a priority for Democrats in the Nevada Legislature, but the ambitious proposal comes with an as yet undetermined price tag or funding.


Photo Credit:  Clark County School District

Clark County School District Looks To Expand Kindergarten

Education is the key the future and the Clark County wants to be able to provide the best tools to secure the success of children.