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Jobless Benefit Cuts Affect 17,000 Here

A federal budget deal does not address looming cuts in benefit extentions


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Benefits Slashed To Jobless Nevadans

Tens of thousands of Nevadans receiving extended jobless benefits will see their weekly checks dramatically reduced



Jobless Nevadans Could Lose Benefits

Nearly 25,000 Nevadans are being notified that their jobless benefits will be cut off after this week unless Congress acts by Tuesday to extend federal emergency unemployment compensation.


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Thousands In Nev. Face Loss Of Jobless Benefits

Thousands of Nevadans will lose jobless benefits at the end of the year unless Congress votes to extend federal assistance.


Lisa Heck (L) and her husband, U.S. Rep. Joe Heck (R-NV), attend a speech by former Massachusetts Gov. and Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Jobless Benefits At Root Of Heck Family Debate

The wife of Congressman Joe Heck collected unemployment after her husband was elected to the House.


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Nevadans To Lose Extended Jobless Benefits

Officials announced Monday that the unemployment rate is low enough that Nevada is no longer eligible to pay State Extended Benefits, which assist 5,500 Nevadans who have exhausted other jobless benefits.


Compromise On The Way For Jobless Pay

A key Senate Republican indicated he would support extending jobless benefits in exchange for extending all the Bush-era tax cuts.