Jill Schlesinger


Live And Local With Kevin Wall 03/03/14: Brian Fisher, Jill Schlesinger, Glenn Cook

Brian Fisher, Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association talks about the relationship between Disney and the Boy Scouts.


Was Washington's Response To The Recession Accurate?

  How should have the leaders in Washington responded to the economic meltdown? What will President Obama address in his State of The Union address tomorrow?


What's The Economic Forecast For 2011?

  It’s the first day of trading on Wallstreet after the holiday. What will this year hold for your finances?


KXNT Morning News Talks Economy

There are more signs that the economy will continue to improve in the new year.  CBS MoneyWatch.com editor-at-large Jill Schlesinger joined us on the KXNT Morning News to discuss the would-be positive outlook.


KXNT Morning News Checks In With MarketWatch

  Gas prices are steadily inching upward, and experts say three-dollars a gallon could become the norm by Christmas. 


KXNT Morning News Checks In With MarketWatch.com

Economic forecasters predict the U.S. economy will remain sluggish next year. 


KXNT Morning News: Economy Update

Personal income fell 16-point-eight-billion dollars, or point-one percent, and disposable personal income decreased 20-point-three-billion dollars, or point-two percent, in September. 


KXNT Morning News: Inside The Economy

Economists are speaking out about the Federal deficit, economic recovery and helpless charitable organizations. Find out what they have to say.


KXNT Morning News: Latest In Money News

The Dow closed above 11,000 and  Bank of America has frozen foreclosures in 50 states. What you need to know in financial news?


The Latest on Unemployment, Stocks And Wealthy Nevadans

Unemployment claims are up, the stock market is up and several Nevadans have made the Forbes list of richest Americans.