James Smack

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Nevada GOP National Committeeman Resigns

Nevada’s Republican national committeeman is resigning from the post.


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Live And Local With Kevin Wall 09/24/13: Jimmie Dillon, Chris Collins, Steven Brown, James Smack

Jimmie Dillon, retired Las Vegas Metro Police Captain and owner of Discount Gun Safe Warehouse, and Chris Collins, Executive Director of The Las Vegas Police Protective Association, join the show to talk about police body cameras.


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Live And Local With Kevin Wall 01/21/13: State Income Tax, President Obama, And The Second Inauguration

Brian Balfour, Director of Policy for the John W. Pope Civitas Institute, talks about how North Carolina introduced legislation to stop the state income tax and to introduce a consumption tax.


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Live And Local With Kevin Wall 11/05/12: The Election, Tom Blanchard, And James Smack

Tim Miller is the Deputy Communications Director for the Republican National Committee and he talks about going out to vote tomorrow.


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Live And Local With Kevin Wall 10/12/12: The Vice-Presidential Debate, Danny Tarkanian, And The Gripe Line

Wayne Allen Root is a Local Businessman and Former Libertarian Vice-Presidential Candidate and he reacts to the first and only Vice-Presidential and how this will impact the polls.


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Live And Local With Kevin Wall 08/15/12: Shooting In DC, Mitt Romney, And Redevelopment

Today a tragic shooting happened at the Family Research Council in Washington D.C. that injured a security guard.


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Live And Local With Kevin Wall 04/18/12: Dick Clark, The GOP, And Ted Nugent

George Wallace remembers the late Dick Clark and should the Government cut food stamps? Caller’s give us their opinion about the food stamps.



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