Governor Bob List

(photo- Jim Watson, Getty Images) The seedy rear entrance to the Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC. today. The hotel was the site of the infamous 1972 buglary.

Nevada’s Links to Watergate — 40 Years Later

June 17 is the anniversary of the crime that became a political scandal, and ultimately led to the fall of the Nixon administration.  The Watergate break-in has been described as a third-rate burglary, but it led to a constitutional crisis. Historians and political scientists consider it one of the most important events in American political history, and the questions have never been entirely answered.

NewsRadio 100.5 KXNT–06/17/2012

Governor Bob List in Studio.

Bob and Bob Former Nevada Governor, Bob List talked with Alan about Las Vegas being chosen as the site for the Western States Republican Leadership Conference.


Former Nevada Governor Future GOP Chairman?

Former Nevada Governor Bob List joined Alan to discuss the possiblilty of  being recruited as the new GOP Chairman, what he would do differently and what the party really needs.