Food Trucks

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Top Food Trucks In Las Vegas

Foodies, prepare to descend upon the mobile eateries en masse and delight your senses.


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Food Truck Pilot Program Begins

Fifteen food trucks participated have been selected as part of a lottery for three designated food truck spaces in downtown Las Vegas.


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Top Food Trucks In Las Vegas

These top five food trucks showcase the best of Las Vegas and show that not every road-based food establishment serves up unfavorable dishes.


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Food Fight Comes To A Close

The Las Vegas City Council decided to take things into their own hands regarding food trucks.


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City Rejects Food Truck Buffer Zones

Food trucks in the city of Las Vegas can still park wherever they want.


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Top Las Vegas Foodies To Follow On Twitter

From chefs tweeting their famous recipes to restaurants tweeting special offers, here are 10 tantalizing Twitter accounts any Las Vegas foodie should be following.