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President Obama Visits Vegas Wednesday

President Obama is making his second visit to the Las Vegas Valley in less than three months.


Chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation Sheldon Adelson. (photo: Aaron Tam/AFP/Getty Images)

Adelson Gets Apology From Democrats

Sheldon Adelson has received an apology from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, over blog entries linking the Las Vegas casino owner to prostitution.


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Dems Expand NV Voter Registration Lead

Democrats have expanded their voter registration lead over Republicans in the battleground state of Nevada.


Activists protest for Romney tax returns (Photo credit: PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/GettyImages)

Opinion: ‘Retroactively Retired’, A Laugher Even By Washington Standards

The demand for W. Mitt Romney to release his tax returns has become bipartisan. Conservative elected officials and pundits know that Romney is taking on so much water over his secrecy and questions of his honesty and that he has no other choice.


George WBush and Mitt Romney (Photo credit: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Opinion: The Second Coming Of W

Down to the trademark “W”, W. Mitt Romney is literally the second coming of the George W. Bush: the economic strategy that led to the worst American economy since the Great Depression and the Bush legacy of secrecy in the face of questions from the American public.


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Dems Lead GOP in Voter Registration

Democrats have the edge over Republicans when it comes to registering Nevada voters.


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Nevada Lawmaker Calls For Campaign Finance Reform

Assembly Republican caucus leader Pat Hickey wants to tighten Nevada’s campaign contribution reporting laws and shorten election cycles.


(photo courtesy: State of Nevada)

State Lawmakers Rely On PAC Contributions

Many state lawmakers are forming political action committees in an effort to keep or gain control of the Legislature.


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NV Democrats Lead Republicans In Voter Registration

Nearly 9,500 Nevadan’s registered to vote in April, with Democrats adding 1,638 more voters than Republicans.


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Democrat Edge In Nevada Narrows

Democrats still outnumber Republicans in Nevada, but the margin is shrinking.

CBS Las Vegas–01/10/2012