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Debbie Hall

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Technology Designer Creates An Entertainment App For Las Vegas Nightlife

Those trained in technology are needed by business people to design and implement new ideas for services and products.


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Top Shops To Buy Affordable Art In Las Vegas

Art adds to any environment while stimulating memories and conversation. While some artist snobs might imply that good art must be expensive, it really is a personal choice and great pieces can be found at reasonable prices in Southern Nevada at local galleries.


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Entrepreneur Credits Education For His Business Success In Las Vegas

Born and raised in Las Vegas, this entrepreneur saw the potential for creating successful businesses in Southern Nevada but also realized he needed a strong foundation.


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Las Vegas Professor Counsels Nurses To Consider A Career In Nursing Administration

Beginning her career as a nurse while continuing her education, Rhonda Dahlberg has worked in many positions in the health care industry before becoming an educator for those entering or working in health care.


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Principal Offers Educational Diversity In Las Vegas

One administrator is working to incorporate and integrate educational programs for the under-educated population and ensure that all students receive the best education available.



Top Museum Exhibits This Spring In Las Vegas

Whether it is guiding children or exploring the past, museums in Las Vegas feature unique exhibits coming in the spring.


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Top Art Supply Stores In Las Vegas

Las Vegas boasts a thriving local art scene. Contribute your works created from the supplies at these shops.


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Top Date Night Shows For Valentine’s Day In Las Vegas

Whether just discovering each other or celebrating years of love; enjoying a show, either in an intimate setting or large showroom, adds to the magic of Valentine’s Day.


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Las Vegas Art Teacher Combines Education With Creativity

Despite the economic cuts in education, there are still opportunities within school districts to teach in the field of art.


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University Offers Advanced Educational Program For Health Care Administration In Las Vegas

Health care administration is a very important aspect of the health care industry with a big demand for qualified people.