Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd: ‘I Have A Story’ For A New ‘Blues Brothers’ Movie

Dan Aykroyd says he has a story idea for another “Blues Brother” movie, but someone from Universal would have to make the call first.


Dan Aykroyd joining "Ghostbusters" cast. (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Dan Aykroyd Announces He Will Be Part Of New ‘Ghostbusters’ Movie

It wouldn’t be a true “Ghostbusters” reboot without the presence of a past castmate.


Photo by Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Primetime Emmy Award Winners: Top TV Shows Of All Time

The Television Academy has honored hundreds of actors, actresses and television series for delivering exceptional work that has entertained millions of viewers around the world. Here’s a look at the top five television shows that have taken home the most Primetime Emmy Awards in history, since 1949.