Criminal Justice

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Business Owner Switches Career To Security To Keep Las Vegas Residents Safe

When Keli Wilson took her family to an amusement park, she experienced the terror of separation from her children. Wilson decided to focus on ways to protect people in the field of security.


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The Security Industry In Las Vegas Is Expanding In Both The Public And Private Sectors

Recent changes in medical marijuana laws have led to new career opportunities for those who work in security.


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Special Agent Serves His Country, Teaches Students Entering The Criminal Justice Field In Las Vegas

Serving as a special agent for the country can be one of the highest callings for someone working in criminal justice and security.


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Police Captain Watches Over Schools In Las Vegas

It takes a combination of education and experience to maintain a delicate balancing act in criminal justice in the education system.


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Las Vegas Professor Has High Hopes The Criminal Justice System Can Change

Robert White talks about the challenges and opportunities he sees to change the face of the criminal.