Nevada Permits Young Soldiers to Carry Concealed WeaponsNevada is lowering the age requirement for permits to carry concealed weapons to 18 for active-duty soldiers and honorably discharged veterans.
Nevada Bill Would Allow More Concealed Guns In Public BuildingsNevada lawmakers are reviewing a bill that would make it easier to carry a concealed firearm in a public building. Republican Assemblyman John Ellison presented AB352 to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday. The measure already passed the Assembly on a 26-14 vote. The bill would allow concealed weapon permit holders to bring a concealed firearm into most any public building, like a police station. Buildings that don't allow guns would need to have a metal detector and a sign outside indicating that policy. Ellison and firearm advocates said that openly carrying a firearm is already allowed in public buildings and that the bill would treat concealed weapons the same. Las Vegas police lobbyist Chuck Callaway said that requiring metal detectors at buildings could come at a potentially huge cost.
Nevada Senators Consider Campus Carry Bill A bill to allow school employees to carry guns on campus has been introduced in the Nevada Senate.
Nevada Stops Recognizing Ariz. Weapons PermitsNevada officials say they're no longer recognizing concealed weapons permits from Arizona after the state relaxed some of its training requirements.
Erik Scott Family Sues CostcoThe family of Erik Scott has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Costco.
Guns on Campus?The Senate approved a bill this weekend that would allow concealed weapons on Nevada college and university campuses.

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