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Original Apple-1 Computer Sold!

What could be considered a collector’s item for any computer geek has sold at auction for 213-thousand-600 dollars.


Nevada DMV Reducing Wait Times

Average wait times at the Department of Motor Vehicles’ busiest offices have dropped to under 60 minutes due to upgrades to the agency’s computer system using federal grant money.


Computer Speed: Not Shared Evenly

There are more Americans with residential broadband access these days.


Computer Problem Threatens National Security

Military officials are just letting on about a computer failure that caused a break in communication with 50 nuclear missiles at Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming.


Computer Outage At The AP

  The Associated Press suffered a five-hour computer outage Monday that prevented much of its news coverage from being delivered to newspapers and some other media outlets.


New Retailer Adds Ipad To Store

Add Wal-Mart to the list of places where you can pick up an iPad.


What Is "Toasted Skin Syndrome"

People who put a laptop on their knees for long periods of time could get “toasted skin syndrome” caused by long term exposure to heat.


Microsoft Vs. Motorola

Microsoft Corp. filed a lawsuit against Motorola, saying the smartphone maker had infringed on nine patents in its Android-based devices.


There Has Been Another Shift Of Power At HP

Hewlett-Packard Co. has gone outside of Silicon Valley to hire a new CEO. 


Nintendo Announces 3DS Release Date & Price

Nintendo has announced when the new version of its tremendously popular DS handheld game system will be out and how much it will cost.