CES: Got Batteries? Outage Stalls World's Largest Tech ShowThousands of people attending the world's biggest consumer technology show got a chance to test the battery life of the latest gadgets Wednesday when some showrooms and hallways went dark inside the vast Las Vegas Convention Center.
CES: Tech Show Showcases Gadgets We Don't Need - Until We DoToday's vision of a smart home has more to do with what's technologically possible than what people really need.
CES: Tech Show Again has Dearth of WomenThe CES tech show, much like the tech industry, has long been known for its dearth of women.
CES: Government Reps Join the Tech ExtravaganzaThe public sector is also chiming in, including U.S. state governors, foreign envoys, a member of President Donald Trump's Cabinet and at least one royal.
CES: Autos Overshadow the Small GadgetsThe smartphones and other small machines that used to dominate the annual CES gadget show have been overshadowed in recent years by bigger mobile devices: namely, automobiles.
CES: Fear Not the Alphabet Soup of TV FeaturesNew TVs are coming with an alphabet soup of features designed to get you to spend more.
What's on Center Stage at CES? Your VoiceSome of the most popular gadgets over the holiday season were smart speakers with digital assistants from Amazon and Google . Apple is coming out with its own speaker this year; Microsoft and Samsung have partnered on another.
Mayor Goodman To Unveil Smart Signs For Downtown LoopThese solar-powered digital information boards will be placed at the stops for the Downtown Loop free shuttle and bring the bulletin board into the 21st century by providing real-time information, including how long the wait is for the next shuttle.

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