Calvert Collins

Is It Safe To Vote Early?

Is it safe to cast your vote early? Some irregularities are being presented but does that mean your vote will not be counted?


KXNT Morning News: Inside The Inquest Process

The County Commissioners are meeting today to discuss the inquest process, but will anything change?


KXNT Morning News: Mysterious Explosion at Gas Station

Changed locks, financial trouble and sending of employees home, was this gas station explosion an accident or intentional?


KXNT Morning News: Inside A SWAT Situation

  Police are on the scene of a stand off with an armed man at Jones and Washington.


KXNT Morning News: Inside a Deadly Murder-Suicide

Metro police are investigating another murder-suicide in the valley, and this time a child was involved.


KXNT Morning News: Metro Officer Injured

A Metro motorcycle officer was hurt in a crash this morning.


Overnight Shooting Leaves One Dead

An overnight shooting near K and Owens has left one dead and one in the hospital.


Boy On a Bike Struck By Impaired Motorist

A teen boy was stuck while riding his bike last night. The teen had only minor injuries so why did the motorist try to flee the scene?