Report: Amy Schumer Scores $8-To-$10 Million Book DealAmy Schumer is having a great week, on Sunday she won an Emmy and now Simon & Schuster will be paying her between $8 million and $10 million for her book “The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo.”
The Humor Code’s Five Best Comedy Clubs In The USWhile traveling the world exploring the science of what makes things funny, we stumbled on an important question: What makes a good comedy club? According to many of the comics we interviewed, a “good room” is one that’s dimly lit, densely packed, with hard chairs, low ceilings, a red curtain, and nothing at all that’s blue.
Gabrielle Giffords Plans Book On Gun ControlFormer U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is working on a book about gun control.
E-Book Sales Will Surpass Print This Week
KXNT Morning News Talks With Col. Oliver North
KXNT Morning News: Inside Bush's New Book

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