Defendant In Bundy Case Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy52 year old Peter T. Santilli, Jr. of Cincinnati, Ohio, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to impede or injure a federal officer.
FBI Special Agent Takes Stand In Bundy TrialFBI Special Agent Charles Johnson took the stand and told jurors undercover agents posed as documentary producers to draw statements from supporters of rancher Cliven Bundy.
Vegas Lawyer to Take 'Black Lives' Protest Back to CourtroomA Las Vegas defense attorney is expected to again challenge a state court judge's rule against courtroom displays of what he terms political speech by refusing to remove a "Black Lives Matter" pin.
Black Lives Matter Button in Court Is Not Freedom of SpeechHeidi Harris discusses the courtroom's response after a defense attorney wore a "Black Lives Matter" pin to court, claiming that it was freedom of speech.
Burning Questions At "Burning Man"Event organizers complained BLM was demanding 24-hour supply of ice cream
BLM Takes Precautions After Shots Fired
Nevada Rancher's Son Arrested
Federal Lawsuit Filed Against BLM
Bench Warrant Issued For Cliven Bundy, Jr.
Parts Of Red Rock To Close Next MonthMore than 5,000 acres of federal land at Red Rock Canyon will be closed for the next five years.
Attorney Wants Federal Prosecutor On CaseCompares man shot near Redrock Canyon to shooting in St Louis
Bundy: God Told Me Federal Government Needs To Be DisarmedDuring a radio interview Wednesday Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy shared that God has told him that the federal government needs to be disarmed.

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