Weekend Rally Supports Egyptian Protests

A group of local residents with ties to Egypt held a rally outside the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse in support of changes to the Egyptian government.

CBS Las Vegas–01/31/2011

Reid Believes Tea Party Will Disappear

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid believes the conservative Tea Party movement will “disappear” once the national economy improves.


Do You Want Government Regulated Internet?

Only 21-percent of likely voters across the U.S. want the federal government to regulate the Internet in any way.


Tax Deal Passed By Senate, Now Goes To House

A tax deal passed yesterday by the Senate now heads to the House where it’s expected to face considerable opposition. 


Fewer People File Unemployment Claims

Americans are filing fewer first-time claims for unemployment benefits. 


Internet Just As Popular As Television

A new Forrester Research survey shows Americans are now spending as much time on the Internet as they do watching television.


Senate Heads Toward Vote Today On Tax Cut Deal

The Senate takes a key test vote today on the tax deal that President Obama struck with Republicans. 


Many Dems Remain Cool To Tax Deal

Many Democrats remain cool to President Obama’s tax compromise with Republicans. 


President Proposes Bush-Era Tax Cut Extension

The middle class and the wealthiest Americans will get a two-year extension of Bush-era tax cuts under a proposal from President Obama. 


Compromise On The Way For Jobless Pay

A key Senate Republican indicated he would support extending jobless benefits in exchange for extending all the Bush-era tax cuts.