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Gas Prices Continue Increase

Gas prices have been spiking in neighboring California, and Las Vegas drivers are also seeing higher costs at the pump.


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Refinery Burns, Gas Prices Rise

An oil refinery fire in Northern California is sending Las Vegas gas prices higher.


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Gas Prices Drop 33 Cents In Past Month

A gallon of gas in Nevada costs an average of $3.49 after prices tumbled 33 cents in the past month.


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Vegas Gas Prices Down…Slightly

Las Vegas drivers are getting a little bit of a break from rising gas prices.


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AAA Offers Free Tipsy Tows On St. Patrick’s Day

AAA is offering free rides home for Nevada residents who drink a little too much green beer on St. Patrick’s Day.

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Less Pain At The Pump

Nevada’s average gas price is $3.40 per gallon after a month where prices made double-digit dips in all but one region.


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Some Relief at the Pump

After months of rising gas prices, AAA says the average price for a gallon of regular gas in Nevada fell 22 cents, to $3.72.


Gas Prices Still Going Up

Gas prices continue to pass the three-dollar a gallon mark in Nevada. Triple A says the average price per gallon is three-dollars 12-cents, up five cents from last month.


Don't Drink and Drive, You Have No Excuse.

“We want everyone to ring in the New Year by having fun and enjoying the evening with friends and family,” AAA spokesperson Michael Geeser said. “But we want everyone to do it safely and responsibly. […]


AAA Responds to Animals in Cars

We have all seen dogs tongues and ears flapping outside of a cracked window while it cruises down the street and although it is cute it is also dangerous.