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Joe’ Journal. KXNT Morning News Anchorman Joe Gillespie speaks from the heart in a very warm and poinant commentary about the area we live, the people who make news and those who touch our lives. Every weekd Joe will talk directly to you with his V-Log (VIDEO BLOG) and cover topics from hard news to the funny and exciting stories that only Las Vegas can churn out every day. Get to know Joe and learn how he feels about the news you hear every morning.

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Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Joe’s Journal: NBA Team In Las Vegas?

Joe takes a look at some changes that are coming to the strip and how Mayor Carolyn Goodman is looking to have an NBA team.

NewsRadio 100.5 KXNT–06/01/2012

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Joe’s Journal: Graduation With A Price

Joe looks at graduation season and the challenges of finding a job and  paying back school debt.  

NewsRadio 100.5 KXNT–05/25/2012

Credit: Clark County Fire

Joe’s Journal: When Bees Attack

Joe is getting ready for the summer and is drinking plenty of water. Plus, Joe recently talked with the 69-year-old Las Vegas man that was stung by bees more than 300 times while on a hike. […]

NewsRadio 100.5 KXNT–05/18/2012


Joe’s Journal: Mother’s Day

Joe had a chance to talk to those around the office with plans for Mother’s Day. But how much is too much? What if I go too small? It’s your Mother! If you still need […]

NewsRadio 100.5 KXNT–05/11/2012

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Joe’s Journal: Student Loan Blues

Joe takes a look at student loans and a possible increase even parents will feel.

NewsRadio 100.5 KXNT–04/27/2012


Joe’s Journal: It’s All About The Sun

Joe takes a look at how the weather is getting a little on the warm side.

NewsRadio 100.5 KXNT–04/21/2012

Washington Monument, Philadelphia

Joe’s Journal: My Trip To Philadelphia

Joe had an Easter trip to Philadelphia and encounters some technology issues.  

NewsRadio 100.5 KXNT–04/12/2012

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Joe’s Journal: Inside The Affordable Care Act

Joe takes a look at a few things that can be found in the affordable care act.

NewsRadio 100.5 KXNT–03/30/2012

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Joe’s Journal: Solar Power To Use

Joe looks at solar power, gas and oil after President Barack Obama talks in Boulder City.

NewsRadio 100.5 KXNT–03/23/2012

Credit : Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Joe’s Journal: March Madness

Joe looks at NCAA tournament that are sweeping the nation.  

NewsRadio 100.5 KXNT–03/17/2012