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An unnamed Obama administration official was quoted in the Atlantic insulting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over a host of controversial issues. Major Garrett reports on how White House officials are rejecting the language but not the message.
The Obama administration is trying to quell the Ebola fears of Americans and is asking states to comply by more flexible Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's guidelines. However, the U.S. military is imposing strict protocols for soldiers serving in Ebola-stricken countries. Bill Plante reports from the White House.
Is the GOP riding a high tide into the midterms? A guide to reading the currents
In the majority of political ads mentioning the health law, the issue is bundled in with other topics to demonstrate a candidate's conservative credentials
The most committed young voters are split
Hackers who have found their way dangerously close to sensitive White House data have prompted calls for better defenses
More than $100 million has been spent in North Carolina's U.S. Senate battle between Democrat Kay Hagan and Republican Thom Tillis
Taking aim at his critics, the president says a travel ban or quarantine won't stop the disease
With less than a week to go, Democrat Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue are leaving no stone unturned in the quest for votes in Georgia's Senate election. CBS News' Marlie Hall reports.
President Obama says only stopping the Ebola outbreak at its source in West Africa -- not travel bans or quarantines -- will ultimately protect Americans from the virus.

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