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The 60-second ads will hit the airwaves Tuesday
The bombastic businessman leads the GOP field heading into the first debate, and his fellow presidential candidates are being asked to pick sides
Experts are warning campaign spending is shaping up to make the presidential election about "one billionaire talking to another billionaire"

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Missed the second half of the show? The latest on the GOP race for the presidential nomination and the influence of donors in the campaign process.
The latest news on Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 and a deep dive into the 2016 presidential field.
The presidential campaign terminated its relationship with political adviser Sam Nunberg, effective "immediately," for his "offensive" writings
Former Ark. governor tells "Face the Nation" about how it's possible to hijack the debate format a little bit for an advantage
Bombastic GOP candidate previewed what voters could see if he releases his tax returns, and threatens to tie their release to Clinton's emails
Opponents have vowed to sue over the administration's forthcoming mandate that power plants cut carbon dioxide emissions 32 percent by 2030
Presidential super PACs raised more than $258 million this cycle, more than 10 times what they brought in at this point in the last election