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It’s become conventional wisdom to say “women voters” are a key this year. But if the “women’s vote” sounds like a very big group, that’s because it is; in fact, more than half the electorate. So we’ve got to dive deeper. Which groups of women, in particular, may be up for grabs? And the even bigger question: what do pollsters find happening in womens’ lives
White House briefly on lockdown after man jumps North Lawn fence and is subdued by agents and guard dogs
President Obama addresses the series of shootings in Ottawa, Canada's capital, that claimed a Canadian soldier's life on Wednesday.
President Obama provides an update on the efforts to contain the Ebola virus at home and abroad, and he discusses the health of two U.S. nurses infected with the virus.
After a meeting with his new Ebola "czar," the president provided an update on efforts to contain the virus at home and abroad
Longtime Alaskan congressman assigns blame for suicides and insults students during Tuesday appearance at Wasilla High School
Ron Klain, the government's Ebola response coordinator, departs his home Wednesday morning to begin handling the government's response to the virus.
Obama was in Chicago Monday for early voting, filling out his ballot and minding his business when the boyfriend of the woman next to him gave the commander in chief some playful advice. Watch to see President Obama's response.
Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein exposed the Watergate scandal that led to President Nixon's resignation. Their editor, the late Ben Bradlee, directed the coverage of the scandal. Woodward and Bernstein join "CBS This Morning" to reflect on Bradlee's legacy.
John Dickerson: Ben Bradlee's relationship with John F. Kennedy shows about what's missing from today's Washington journalism

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