• Power to the Polls Kickoff in Las Vegas; 1/21/18
  1. Priyanga says:

    Manny vs Antonio this is a great challenge for the both of them. Both are at the peaks of their eacrer. Antonio is good, but Manny has already proven that he is unbeatable, fearless, skillful and a great giant killer. Antonio is the last great Mexican world champion standing. When Manny beats Margarito like other great Mexican champions, he will be considered the best in the world. With this fight there is no question that Manny will shatter Oscars vs Floyd s record ppv of 2.44 million. Its time to shock the world again. I would think that Pacquiao would take early rounds with his speed and proven ability to get inside bigger men with footwork and head movement. However Pacquiao has been hurt by fighters with far less power than Margarito like Juan Manuel Marquez and eventually Manny would slow down or Antonio would catch him and overwhelm the smaller man. I haven t seen margarito fights but If he s that good. I don t think pacman will back down a fight against margarito. Pacquiao is the kind of fighter who likes to fight stronger opponents. He likes to be the underdog. Just like when he first fought barrera when he (barrera) was on his prime (2003).The challenge like this will make pacman more excited more motivated to train harder to become the best boxer that he can be.

  2. Jozimar says:

    well, he’s a street smart kid and has a lion heart .that caioinbtmon is rare .and in fact that’s the only thing a guy like him needs to be a good congressman!!!he got lots of political allies plus the pork barrel .he knows the pork barrel allows him to get brilliant advisers that will explain everything technical to him, a staff to do all his office works and good researchers to equipt him w/ the right informations .all he have to do now is make hard decisionsthe rest of the money goes to his people in saranggani i heard he is planning to build a big hospital there a remote province w/ a high end hospital? that’s somethingi just hope he wont try the presidency .i dont think he’s made for that level he’ll be crushed there!!!!i wont vote for him there!

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