• Power to the Polls Kickoff in Las Vegas; 1/21/18
  1. idree says:

    Cheers for another great post — it’s raelly nice to see such a detailed discussion of the nuts and bolts. It is funny how the rejections and acceptances ebb and flow. A good friend of mine is an author, and he amassed a stack of 30 some-odd rejections in a row, only to then turn around and have 6 acceptances for publication in the space of a few months. My own ratio is pretty positive, but the galleries where I have or will be showing are owned by people I had some previous relationship with, either through them visiting my studio, or personal contacts with other artists, etc. I’m inclined to agree with Lisa that a lack of rejections probably means I’m not casting the net widely enough, which is certainly the case, at least geographically.Oh, and I raelly like the bug.

  2. Ilya says:

    Domingo 2 de agosto de 2009 a las 8:45 pmbuenos los ciesths de los gallegos, quisiera saber donde hay mas, para ver o escuchar, quien es el humorista?

  3. Arron says:

    Croacia ha sido popular a lo largo del tipmeo por sus excelentes playas para pasar unas increedbles vacaciones, especialmente para los nudistas de Alemania y Holanda.

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